The Fox Squirrel Family (Sciurus niger)

Each February  in the large oak tree outside the kitchen window we watch a mother squirrel gather the dead leaves that remain on the trees and carry them into the den inside the tree.  The den can be entered from a hole in the front of the tree and one on the back side.SONY DSC     In mid February she has her litter and you will see her making frequent trips to the bird bath to drink.



In early April we start seeing the little ones venture from the den.

South Den Entrance

South Den Entrance

At first their adventures take them only a few branches from the den.  There is a tremendous amount of chasing and wrestling. SONY DSC As the weeks go by they soon venture down to the wood pile and occasionally to nearby trees.  While sitting on the porch in the evening we often see momma squirrel come from the back of the property, when gets close to the den the chattering begins and everyone scurries up the tree and she ushers them into the den for the evening.SONY DSC


The leaves are thick now and the den entrance can no longer be seen easily.  The litter has most likely moved on to new territory.  Momma is only occasionally seen.  Next February we will take our front row seats on the porch and once again watch a repeat of the same scenario as if we had never seen it before.

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