Sunburst, Montana

On July 4th we found ourselves in Sunburst, Mountana 8 miles south of the Canadian border, a farming and ranching community.   The 2010 census lists the population at 332.  Unfortunately that was before the grocery store, laundry, and restaurant closed.  While looking for a restaurant we found European Antiques with a welcome and open sign out front.  This small shop is owned by a couple from Switzerland and has antiques from 17th through 20th centuries.  There were several cradles and pieces from European castles.   We were the only patrons in the store so we had an opportunity to visit with the owner.  She took the time to give us directions for a road trip to the Jerusalem Rocks and the Sweet Grass Hills.

West of Sunburst, in the sparsely populated Toole County, in the midst of wheat, canola, and legume fields you will find the Jerusalem Rocks.  Hidden west of the Sweet Grass Hills is one of Montana’s best kept geological secrets.  I googled Jerusalem Rocks every way imaginable and found nothing more than they were located in Montana and a map of their location.  SONY DSC SONY DSC



A Magpie keeping an eye on us



Rains have been plentiful this spring and summer leaving Montana greener than we have ever experienced.


Sage Grouse hiding in the grass

Sage Grouse hiding in the grass


The Universe is one great kindergarten for man. Everything that exists has brought with it its own peculiar lesson.

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