The Road North West


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For the last ten years  we have  traveled to Colorado for the summer.  Each year it is the same routine, we pack up and drive a thousand miles in two days.  This year we decided to shake up the routine … Continue reading

Coop Tours Rock!…and, that’s no yolk!


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Yesterday may have dawned cloudy, cool and blustery, but the 2nd Annual Wise Chicks Chicken Coop Tour proved to be a fun, interesting, informative day, in spite of the weather.  Attendance numbers are still being tallied, but I am confident … Continue reading

Revel-ing at Revel Manor


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Well, THAT was FUN! But, maybe, “reveling” is not the right word.  Reveling is kind of rowdy, after all, and my companions and I certainly did not “engage in lively and noisy festivities, esp. those which involve drinking and dancing” … Continue reading

Crossing Paths with the Past


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Last Saturday, St. Patrick’s Day, would have been my grandmother’s 104th birthday.  In Momay’s honor, I took her youngest great-grandchild to a place she had taken me as a child, a place I had not seen in over forty years.Chandor … Continue reading

Photo(s) of the Day – Reasons #12 – 15 Why I Love Texas


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Reason #12 – Texas Clouds are Spectacular! – Sunday, February 12th, dawned colorful and cold.  Not quite a red sky, but the gathering clouds were a sign of deteriorating weather conditions. Reason #13 – Short-lived Snow and Ice – Monday … Continue reading