Coop Tours Rock!…and, that’s no yolk!


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Yesterday may have dawned cloudy, cool and blustery, but the 2nd Annual Wise Chicks Chicken Coop Tour proved to be a fun, interesting, informative day, in spite of the weather.  Attendance numbers are still being tallied, but I am confident … Continue reading

Time to Move

If you are ready to start moving ahead in your yoga journey, check out the new page, “5-Pose Home Practice”.  (The link is in the left side-bar.)  The short practice includes some very basic poses that will help you become accustomed to stretching your muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints in a slow, mindful manner.
As you practice these poses, remember to try to inhale and exhale through your nose; not your mouth.
Have fun with these poses.
Your questions and comments are always welcome.

The Next Step

The next step in your yoga journey requires that you gather the proper tools.  On the “Yoga Tools” page , we have assembled a very short list of basic items that will help in your yoga practice.  If interested, please click the link in the left sidebar, located under W.O.W. YOGA.

May We Have Your Attention, Please?

We have been meaning to call your attention to that new little tab at the top of the page.
See it?
The one that reads “W.O.W. YOGA”?
Well, you need to click on it and find out what we have planned for you.
O.K.?  Will you do it?
C’mon.  Just do it!
(Whispered conversation)
M:  Can we say that?  Can we say, “Just Do It!”?  I mean, will we get in trouble with Nike?
J:  Probably not.
M:  Probably not, what?  Probably can’t say it?  Or, probably won’t get in  trouble with Nike?
J:  Probably won’t get in trouble with Nike.  I mean, we’re acknowledging that it’s their slogan, right?
M:  Yea, I guess.  In a round about way, anyway.
J:  It’ll be fine.
M:  How about “Got Yoga?”?
J:  You’re not worried about the milk producers?
M:  Good point.  We could say, “Just Yoga!”.
J:  Sounds dumb.
M:  (sigh)  Blogging’s hard.