We Women of Wise (W.O.W) practice yoga.
We are both certified yoga instructors, practicing and teaching in Wise and  the surrounding areas for the past decade.
We believe in the countless benefits of yoga and a regular, consistent yoga practice.
We believe everyone…yes, even YOU…can, and should, practice yoga.  Every day.
That being said, we hope to fill this section of “Women of Wise” with lots of  information to help you start, maintain and enjoy the benefits of your own yoga practice.  If you already practice, or are an instructor, we hope you will share your thoughts and experiences regarding yoga, with us.
Please check back here soon as we begin a new yoga journey together.
Jo and Mel

2 thoughts on “W.O.W. YOGA

  1. Looks great. Am definitely interested (just really busy right now, taxes, work, paperwork on the computer right now). You go girls!!!

  2. WOW indeed! what a great “blog”…talk about information!
    What an excellent site to spend some time with an learn a LOT! Being a yoga liver, baker and cook….lover of nature…..and just about everything else you mention I love it!
    Looking forward to checking in with you….

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