The Angles of Triangle

Trikonasan or Triangle pose is a simple standing pose that helps develop balance and alignment while lengthening the leg and chest muscles and opening up the hips.  To aid in developing balance you  may do the pose against  the wall or with the aid of ropes.

To get into the pose step or jump the feet wide apart.  Raise the arms to the side, shoulder level with palms down.  Front foot points straight ahead while the back foot is turned in slightly, align heals.  Extend the front arm forward, expanding the chest, when stable  place the front hand on a block, your shin, or ankle.   Lift your top arm up and turn the chest toward the sky.  Take the head back and turn up.    Raise the upper ribs slightly.  The body should be aligned and flat.  While holding the pose press the feet away from one another.  Hold the pose and the switch sides.

Triangle is a very beneficial pose by its self or works wonderfully in a flow of poses.  Moving from Warrior I to Warrior II, then Triangle, then Revolved Triangle or Extended Triangle, and back to Warrior II.  This flow will increase awareness of correct movement, the right way to stand and walk, and over all posture.  Triangle can be invigorating and refresh the mind by removing tension, aches, and pain.

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